Chamber organ for sale

Our digital chamber organs are a smaller scale version of our bespoke church organs offering a lightweight, flexible solution to your musical needs. The compact nature and the internal audio system make this instrument ideal for use in continuo roles alongside other musicians, or as a complement to a main organ in a cathedral or larger church.

It is also perfect for smaller churches, school chapels or a home environment. The chamber organ has several advantages over other organs. It is a stand-alone instrument with the speakers situated inside the casing. At kg, it is easy to move and transport while remaining durable, and you can be sure it has been crafted with the same loving care and skill as our other organs. Its natural tuning stability means that the continuo box organ is ready to be played straight out of the van, having no need for a separate, possibly bulky blower, or on-site tuning.

Transposition is straightforward, as is playing in a range of historical temperaments, and the organ can be fine-tuned as required. An authentic and beautiful sound is what our customers have come to expect from Regent Classic Organs and in our chamber organs you will find unmatched quality of pipe sound emulation, using voice models developed especially for this scale of instrument.

Despite their compact nature, the detail is no less important. We pride ourselves on the highest quality craftsmanship and design of our chamber organs, and love nothing more than receiving a unique customer-specification which we translate into a bespoke work of musical art.

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A beautiful bespoke chamber organ design and matching keyboard. The case was designed to echo the woodwork of the choir stalls. This chamber organ has a 56 note keyboard by UHT in Germany that enables the highly touch sensitive transients of the notes to be managed by the musician. Read more about the chamber organ at Cathedral Isle of Man. Regent Classic Organs is proud to be one of only a few manufacturers of electronic chamber organs in the UK. It is also possible to hire a Box or Chamber Organ for concerts and events.

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chamber organ for sale

Stay up to date with Regent Classic on Facebook and Twitter. This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.Click here to download specifications. Originally built by Roosevelt inrebuilt and enlarged by Welte-Tripp inthis opulent organ is the quintessential romantic and symphonic pipe organ.

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Built by the best, expanded by the best, with a massive and gorgeous console of dramatic quarter-sawn oak. With a thorough restoration, this organ would reclaim its place as one of the great American organs.

chamber organ for sale

It is without equal. Available for best offer. Submit your offers to John Bishop at john organclearinghouse. New owner assumes cost of dismantling. The organ is scheduled for dismantling within a month.

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This beautiful modern tracker-action organ was built by Gober Organbuilder in Elora, Ontario. Hal Gober was an early disciple of Otto Hoffman of Texas, one of the first American firms to build new twentieth century tracker organs. He completed the formal apprenticeship program in Germany to be named a master organbuilder. He has worked for companies in Germany, Switzerland, and Canada.

This unusual organ features a creative design surrounding the main entrance to the sanctuary.

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Please contact us for more information. As the backbone of a distinguished music program, the organ is fully playable and in regular use. There is a separate two-manual console in the rear gallery to play the Gallery Organ, and a comprehensive four-manual console in the Chancel that controls both organs.

Continuo Chamber Organs and Box Organs

Contact us to arrange your audition visit. Chancel Organ: Austin Organs, Inc. Gallery Organ: Austin Organs, Inc.Forestdale Baptist Church Birmingham is offering its ? SFZ toe stud with indicator light. Dark mahogany finish. Physical Disposition of Organ and Pipes, etc. Schantz blower has sound muffling enclosure. Two sets of expression shades, each set having vanes that face the sanctuary and choir area. Relay is located in the main organ chamber sanc-tuary right.

Trompette and Subbass in separate chamber sanctuary left. Blower in hallway behind right chamber. All pipes, reservoirs, windlines, expression motors and Cymbelstern are in excellent condition. Blower motor is service free.

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Chambers and organ are very clean. Voicing, Pipe Construction, etc. CFM unknown. Except for the Trompette, organ is voiced on 3 inches wind.

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Except for the Gemshorn Celeste, flues are open toe. Presumably, both valves per pipe open when both the Subbass and Leiblich stops are drawn.

Gemshorn Celeste, exceptionally nice sound. Flute and Principal ranks, clear and clean sounding and unforced. Some minor Principal regulation in exposed bottom octave is needed. Principal pipes 1 to ? The organ was serviced, mechanically blower turbine and shade mechanisms lubricated, most drawknob contacts cleaned January 5,by Michael Proscia Organbuilder, Inc. Since then the organ has been used only on occasion and it has not been tuned since.

To schedule a date and time to inspect and play the organ, please contact Rev.

Regent Classic Box & Chamber Organs

Don Batson at during normal business hours. Pictures are available via e-mail. Wicks 5-rank Pipe Organ April 25, E-mail: click to email seller. Current Issue. Subscribe to the eNews Newsletter!Two manuals and pedal; couplers. Baroque disposition, slider chest, tracker action. Metal pipes are high tin content; wood pipes are African mahogany. Owners are moving soon.

Inthe great earthquake and fire destroyed most of the life's work of Felix F. It is Opus 7 built in for St. Markus Lutheran Church in San Francisco.

chamber organ for sale

Both are pictured on the Redman website: www. Great condition, excellent voicing, well maintained. Free standing oak case. Suitable for home or chapel. Buyer to remove the organ.

chamber organ for sale

Breadcrumb Home. Home Pipe Organ for Sale March 21, E-mail: click to email seller. Small Unit Pipe Organ March 18, Hans-Detlef Klueker, March 12, Hans-Detlef Klueker, Best offer. Buyer must disassemble, pack, and ship. Stored, specification and photos available. Organ sold to highest bidder, owner to approve bid. Bosch Opus March 2, You have reached a web page designed to provide more information about the continuo organ available for sale or rent.

For other states, please contact us to discuss. Continuo Organ with four stops, by Robin Jennings England,after 17th and 18th century originals. This instrument of an exquisite quality is the creation of Robin Jennings, an English organ builder known throughout the world's music community for his quality continuo instruments.

New Trinity Baroque's continuo organ by Robin Jennings. The instrument was delivered to Atlanta at the end of May With its four stops it provides a sufficient support for even bigger ensembles, such as a baroque orchestra and a choir. Its ability to change the pitch quickly and easily allows the performer to play at any desired pitch needed for historically accurate performance - as low as Hz for French Baroque musicHz or Hz, and as high as Hz for music of Monteverdi and Venetian composersas well as "Classical" pitch of Hz for Mozart and Haydn.

The organ is easily transportable - it has attached wheels, and it splits in two pieces top and bottom, detachable just under the front-pipes section so that even two people can lift it. Its blower is the quietest in the industry - perfect for recordings. Beside its fantastic sound, the organ is also visually very attractive!

Truly a feast for both ear and eye! The instrument is in perfect condition. Dimensions: 3'11" high mm3'8" wide mm2'3" deep mm. Click here to see the fretwork drawing. Inside the instruments are four ranks of pipes, easily accessible for tuning the picture shows look inside when right door is opened. Here are some more pictures of the organ, as used in the performances:. New Trinity Baroque in rehearsal May same venue as above.

Detail of the front pipes. Fretwork design. Images of the organ building progress sent by R. Jennings in :.By Choir ManOctober 25, in General discussion. Going by the picture, I thought it might fit in our living room, but having now found the dimensions cm height I'm afraid it won't. It's always sad to see yet another organ like this, with some provenance and historic interest, on eBay and it raised a few questions about custodianship of historic organs in private hands:. I know BIOS do a lot of good work in these sorts of cases - I've been involved with them before rescuing an organ from eBay see below for the results and I know this sort of situation is unfortunately a very common occurrence for them.

Is there more which could be done to help and assist them with this work? The CofE has the faculty process which should stop this sort of thing but we know it is imperfect, while other denominations and organs in private hands have a variety of checks and balances ranging from non-existent to something approaching the faculty process.

I thought the Bates organ was charming. Bates was a good builder as far as I can tell - I occasionally play one, rebuilt by Bryceson and it really is a stunning organ. This organ looks like a Dulciana and 4ft flute possibly by J. Walker, judging by the stop heads? I remember seeing score after score of estimates in the Hill archives of the s for organs of similar size to this Bates organ - the specifications end up being very repetitive; such novelties as Dulcianas and 4ft flutes didn't really start to materialise until the late s and even then they were very rare.

Hopefully this organ has found a good home but if it has, it is more by luck than design in this case! This very good point has been responsible for some erstwhile buyers who had won an auction on ebay suddenly losing interest, resulting in the organ having to be re-listed. Moving anything is unbelievably expensive today. Only this week I engaged a local firm to demolish and dispose of an old and small garden shed.

I considered myself lucky to have found anyone to have done it at any price. So amplify that figure by the several days' work required to carefully dismantle and stow an entire organ in a removal van, transport it, and then re-erect it somewhere else. Those property developers who frequently list organs on ebay could quite easily dispose of them themselves - they are builders when all said and done - but they know full well how much it would cost to do so legally i.

So they hope some unsuspecting punter will come along and put money in their pocket to do the job for them by bidding for the instrument.

I'd add while the organ is in pieces, it's usually sensible to seize the opportunity to carry out any repairs and maintenance which may be required. It was in a pretty tired state when we bought it. So the cost included a restoration of releathering the bellows, cleaning and overhaul of all components including pipe repairs - the front pipes were badly dented and refinishing the case it was in quite a state and the best thing was to strip it back and refinish it in its original finish of button polish.

Nothing done to the soundboard except an inspection to confirm it was still sound and had many more years in it before it would require work. Even if we hadn't done this, the costs of moving the organ would have been many multiples of the purchase cost. Still, it's a lot cheaper and longer-lived than an electronic installation, and a heck of a lot nicer to play and listen to, but that's a topic for discussion for another day. The pipe organ could be brought into a relatively good state of repair for about half that.

The pipe organ may be the work of a not-particularly-distinguished local builder, and rebuilt in the s detached console, EP action and an unfathomably stupid layout, all that sort of thingbut it sounds well in the church and the issues of delay could easily be resolved by re-siting the console where they intend to put the 4 manual Hauptwerk console.

It's completely bonkers. I'm wary of entering a discussion about an organ I do not know, but from what you say I agree it does sound rather monstrous. Is it an Anglican church, and if so, how was a Faculty obtained, and what did the DOA think about it?

Incidentally, your description also comprehensively demolishes the perception put about and encouraged by some of those who promote them that virtual pipe organs are cheap.P erfect for travelling musicians or groups, or as a small instrument for your home, church, or educational institution, each organ is handmade one at a time by our master organbuilders.

C ontact us today to discuss customizing your own Portativ instrument! Financing is available. This instrument is situated in a free-standing case in walnut veneer. If need be, the case and exposed pipes can also be refinished or painted to better match a new home, within the limitations of the current walnut veneer. The organ console is a 2-manual draw knob console with a roll-top cover. The console is wired with a solid-state switching system, and currently has a 5-general, 3-memory level combination action, however the console can be upgraded to a newer control system that offers features such as a larger combination system with piston sequencer, user-programmable sforzando and crescendos, transposer, MIDI interface, and record-playback functions.

Both of these items will need to be replaced. A buyer may also want to replace the older swell shade operator with a newer one. Current Specification. In its current configuration, the instrument would be appropriate for a smaller church. The organ would need to be rewired, preferably with a new, solid-state control system. We would also recommend having the pipes cleaned and revoiced, and having the wind chests re-leathered. The majority of the pipes were enclosed in a stand-alone, black Swell box with shades, and can be reinstalled in a similar configuration, in a pipe chamber, or in a completely new configuration.

Click the link to the right for the current stop list. For a larger congregation, pipe additions could be made, and the current organ can be repurposed as a Swell division, with entirely new Great and Pedal divisions added.

We have provided two possible expanded specifications for your consideration, however these are by no means the only options available. We are more than happy to provide custom recommendations for your particular situation. A potential buyer can choose to re-use the existing organ console, or purchase a new, custom-built organ console, designed to match their performance room or sanctuary.

Possible Specification 1 Possible Specification 2. Portativ Pipe Organ. Features: 6-ranks of organ pipes 2-manual, draw knob console, with note keyboards and note pedalboard approx. Features: ranks of organ pipes 2-manual, tilting-tablet console, with note keyboards and note pedalboard approx.

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